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Install on your website GOS widget for online payments

Are you a webmaster or run a blog? Do you have a web site with lots of targeted traffic? We offer you to increase loyalty of your visitors and monetize your traffic.

Afrter you Install GOS widget on your website you will be able to extend the average user session already existing loyal customers and to increase the number of customers. Your visitors will be available in such needed services - paying bills online.

Set the widget to make online payments on your website. You can more effectively monetize the traffic. Our partners receive 50% profit on each transaction carried out from their website! The Commission goes to the partner's account at the beginning of each month.

Your visitors will come back to you not only for your services or interesting content, but also in order to refill mobile phone account, pay for Internet, transfer money from card to card or to pay utilities.

The strategy of "WIN-WIN" is that your visitors get a first-class popular online payment service, and you get more earnings with every transaction.

Widget Installation will not take much time or developer resources. A typical installation of the GOS widget takes 1-2 days and it can handle even by a beginner webmaster. The widget can be customized and stylistically adjusted for a specific site. Widget of online payments is specially adapted to different quality Internet connections, so that in any case it will work quickly and smoothly even on smartphones with EDGE/2G connection.

After you install GOS widget to site you will get access to an administrative control panel. In the admin panel you will be able to alleivate all the necessary information, such as : the number of transactions, amount of payments, breakdown of payments categories and services, the number of clicks on widget, status held, and rejected payments.

The withdrawal of funds for the transaction is allowed in any form of cashless payment.

In order to install on your website the widget of online payments, please fill out the form below for the audit. Your application form will be reviewed within 24 hours, after which we will contact you.

It should be noted that after you have installed to your site GOS widget you do not assume the financial risks of payments. All of the financial risk of fraudulent transactions (fraud, etc.) are for company GOS systems and its control system for safe payment. The widget will be able to successfully complete only those transactions that pass the strict test control of GOS systems, the issuing Bank, VISA & MasterCard.