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Our service helps you to easily top-up mobile phone in Ukraine by a phone numberor by a contract number for operators: Kyivstar, Intertelecom 3-Mob, Vodafone, Kyivstar, Lifecell

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You can pay for mobile phone using cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard
or Maestro of any Ukrainian bank.

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Refill mobile phone account using service

On our website (conduct online payments) we offer you to use our most popular services - to pay by VISA or MasterCard mobile account of all providers in Ukraine.

On one page there are combined capabilities of mobile payment by phone number or by contract number for corporate and other customers.

We offer to refill Intertelecom, Kyivstar, MTS Ukraine, refill Vodafone, top-up Trimob (3-mob), or to recharge Lifecell.

How to top-up the mobile phone by telephone number?

    By telephone number:

  • First of all, on tab "By phone number" enter the correct phone number. We remind you that the number must start with "+380" or "380", "050" or "067" or "093", etc.
    The number can not start with a number 8 !
  • Next you need to indicate amount of recharge or choose from these - UAH 25, UAH 50, UAH 100
  • When recharge number has been entered and recharge amount was selected start writing the details of a bank card
  • First enter the 16-digits number of card
  • Fill in the card expiration date, separately 2 digits for the month and 2 digits of the year
  • Enter 3-digit CVV2 / CVC2 code (located on the back of the card)
  • Click "Pay", you will see a pre-check with an calculated fee for payment
  • Next, click "Confirm" and if recharge amount exceeds 50 UAH. or in other circumstances, wait for the connection with the bank that issued your card to confirm the transaction
  • Your bank must make sure that refilling is yours, so he sends you a secret one-time code (which goes via SMS to your cellphone or bank statement). Enter this code in the confirmation form
  • After entering the confirmation code recharge amount instantly comes to the bank for processing and in the next minute phone account will be updated!
  • By contract number:

  • On the tab "For contract number" , select a mobile operator
  • The next step, enter the number of your contract
  • Next you need to define the amount of refill or choose from these - UAH 25, UAH 50, UAH 100
  • When number of refilling is entered and payment amount is selected you can enter credit card details
  • The procedure for entering credit card details and following the steps is listed above
  • After confirmation, amount of refilling will go to the bank for processing and in the next minute your Mobile Contracts will be refilled!

You can thoroughly review fees of mobile account refilling on a separate page rates on our website

It should be noted, to replenish your mobile account without fee you should download our mobile app "GOS payments" and sign in! For GOS app users refilling own mobile account is without any fee!

You may not enter the details of your bank card and send bill to a third person on his mobile phone number! See more information about sending and paying invoices

Our service is certified by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, reliable level of transaction security is confirmed by PCI DSS certificates .
Information about your payment cards are fully protected, does not transmitted to third parties and does protected from hackers!
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