How to pay the invoice, which was received by you on the phone?

GOS Users can send each other invoices and pay for them immediately!

Invoice - a bill that specifies the service which is to be paid, its price and the details of the recipient of funds!

The invoice is delivered to users as SMS with the invoice number and short URL (internet link) to payment form.

To pay the invoice you need to fill out the following information:
The phone number you've received invoice to
A digital code (invoice number) from the SMS

After you have entered the recipient's phone number, invoice number and press "Pay" you will get a form to enter the details of a credit card:
Card number (16 digits)
The expire date of the card (month and year)
CVV2/CVC code of 3 digits on the back of the card

Pay your invoices or send them to others. Use a handy tool for managing your finances!

Our service is certified by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, reliable level of transaction security is compliant with PCI DSS.

. Information about your payment cards is fully protected, does not transferred to third parties and secured from unauthorized access!

Send your invoices in Ukraine for free!

Sending invoices - a new trend in family finances.

Pay your bills together.
Parents may ask you to pay for utilities, kids ask you to refill their mobile phones, share internet bill with your neighbors - for all of these cases it is convenient to use GOS invoicing online service.

Invoice arrives at the recipient's phone as fast as a normal SMS, one moment - and the bill is paid!