To use the GOS service you must have a Visa or MasterCard issued by any bank

Your card must be activated for online payments.

When issuing a credit card, banks does not always activate internet payment feature, contact your bank to check. This can be done in a bank's branch office or by phone.

We may request a card confirmation to be done by holding 1 UAH on your card for period up to 30 days. You'll see that transaction in your bank statement with specific description like GOSPAY.CHECK(xxxxxx) where xxxxxx is 6 digit number that you'll be requested to put into proper field. This way we can confirm that the card is used by the owner.

Any person who has a bank card may pay bills using the website

No need to register for making online payments at GOS website.

GOS service allows you to pay bills or send invoices to third persons via SMS or push messages. Currently supported countries: Ukraine, Mexico(soon)

Invoice - is a bill that contains information about a service or product, its price and details for payment.

You can create a bill (for example to refill mobile phone on amount of 50 USD) and send it to a third person to pay.

The person who received the invoice (bill) from you may agree or disagree to pay it.

Invoice comes in the form of SMS with a short link to the form on the website and can be paid at once.

You may be requested to confirm your phone number before sending an invoice to someone. That is needed for invoice recipient to identify a sender.

Invoice or bill payment fee - 1 UAH.

Send an invoice to any mobile phone in Ukraine - for free!

The user convenience is important to us and in addition to our web-site we provide the mobile application which brings more features and gives a true mobility to your life.

Download the GOS Pay mobile application and get:

  • Payment of bills and invoices
  • Increased safety because you are the only user of the mobile device
  • Sending invoices through the phone book
  • Save history of payments and invoices
  • Create payment templates
  • Link your cards from GOS Pay mobile application to mobile device browser with safe payment confirmation.

How fast the payment will be received by service provider company? Payment goes immediately within a few seconds!

Will I pay additional fees? Fee - UAH 1 for any payment made via web-site (Ukraine only). The rest of services (world wide) may include additional fee which will be calculated and displayed for confirmation before payment. Send invoice from the website or mobile app - free of charge. For information on fees and tariffs for the use of GOS Pay possible review in the menu "Rates"

Where is stores information about my bank card? For the operations requires complete information about your bank card. One part of information about your credit card stored in databases GOS Pay, the other part stored in your phone in encrypted form. This method of storage of bank card details is standard of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard, which protects cash in your accounts.

Do I need to connect my phone to the Internet? Yes. Transmission of information carried out through the Internet, that must be turned in your phone beforehand.

Using public Wi-Fi network does not harm the security of conducting transactions.