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You can transfer money from card to card VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard or Maestro
of all banks in Ukraine quickly and securely

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How to quickly and securely transfer funds between bank cards?

Users of website or our mobile app "GOS payments" can use online service of transfer funds from card to card, the service is valid for all Ukraine's bank cards and international payment system such as VISA (VISA Electron) or MasterCard (Maestro)

Online service of transfer funds is available nonstop seven days a week. For transfer funds to VISA card or MasterCard card you need to know only the 16-digit of recipient card and details of your own card

It should be noted that our funds transfer service adheres to strict security rules to prevent use of stolen bank cards or other financial fraud. We use all possible methods of user authentication and card confirmation. All transfers are provided with 3D Secure procedure, which requires the user to confirm their transfer by entering a secret code that is provided by issuing bank at the time of transfering

Sequence of funds transfer action's from card to card:

  • In the field "SENDER" enter the number of your card (16 digits)
  • Enter your card expiration date, separate month (2 digits) and the year (2 digits)
  • In the field "TRANSFER AMOUNT" enter the amount of your transfer in UAH
  • In the field "RECIPIENT" enter the number of recipient's card (16 digits)
  • When all fields are filled in click on "FUND TRANSFER"
  • Next you will see a pre-check with additionally calculated transfer fee
  • Make sure that input fields details are correct
  • Next, click "CONFIRM" and wait for connection with issue's bank
  • Your issue's bank must verify your authentication, bank sends you a secret one-time code (which goes in the SMS to your mobile phone or bank statement). Enter this code in the confirmation form
  • After entering the confirmation code transfer instantly goes to the bank for processing and in next few minutes will be settlemented to the recipient's card

It should be noted that 97% of all fund transfers receive to recipients in first 3 minutes. But sometimes transfers may be delayed in the bank, in this case transfer goes to the recipient's card within the next 3 business days.

Terms online money transfer:

  • Transfer fee is 1% + 5 UAH. and charged to the card sender
  • Only Ukrainian bank cards of type VISA (VISA Electron) or MasterCard (Maestro) are allowed for funds transfer
  • The maximum amount of a transfer including fee - UAH 15 000
  • The maximum amount of transfer per day - UAH 75 000
  • The maximum amount of transfer per month - UAH 150 000
  • The maximum number of transfers per day - 25
  • The maximum number of transfers per month - 100

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It should be noted that sometimes your bank sets transaction limits on the Internet. In this case, you should contact your bank manager with a request to change such limits

Payee is not necessary to specifically "receive" transfer. Funds will automatically go to his/her bank account, recipient will be notified by card issuer bank. Most often, fund transfer are made to the cards of the following banks: JSC PUMB , PJSC CM "PrivatBank" , JSC "Raiffeisen BANK AVAL" , PJSC "SBERBANK", PJSC " Alfa-Bank ", JSC "Oschadbank" , JSC "UniCredit Bank" .

Frequently Asked Questions about online funds transfer:

What is CVV2 and CVC2 codes?

This is the authentication card code , which consists of three digits and is written on the reverse side of a bank card. Code applied at the signature card holder line. It used as a security code when there is no way to physically present the card. If you are the owner of a VISA or VISA Electron your security code is called CVV2 code If you are the owner of a MasterCard or Maestro your security code is called CVС2 code

What should I do if in time of 3D Secure checking confirmation code from the Bank does not come ?

Probable that your payment card is assigned to another phone number. In this case, contact your bank managers and clarify this issue. Delays of sending SMS messages could be caused on the mobile operator side Your phone is over free memory. Try to remove last several SMS messages

What is 3D Secure technology and how does it protect me?

This is secure user authentication protocol for Internet payments. If payments use this technology the issuing bank sends the cardholder single-use code (which most often comes in the SMS from the bank or the banking check out),which has to be entered in the same bank authorization form. Therefore the issuing bank confirms that exactly the cardholder makes a payment or fund transfer on the Internet

What is PCI DSS certification and why is it necessary?

PCI DSS - is an international payment card data security standard that applies to banks, trade, service companies and other institutions whose activities are associated with processing and data storage of plastic bank card. International payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, or the Discovery, obliges organizations to undergo an annual PCI DSS certification.

How fast does the money transfer to the recipient?

Basically, the funds are delivered to the recipient's card during the first minutes after the operation. But there are cases (less than 3% of the total number of transactions) when the money is enrollmented to the payee's account on the next day, this is due to the bank's policies and the delays on its side

What bank card may transfer money and in what currency?

According to the legislation of Ukraine card transfers in Ukraine can only be made in national currency - hryvna. Our service allows you to make fund transfers to cards of all Ukraine banks (Privatbank, Bank Aval, Oschadbank, UkrSibbank and others), which are issued under the VISA or MasterCards tandards

What for do I need card transfers (p2p, card2card)?

Online transfers is very convenient way to transfer money, when you can not visit the bank cashier or you does not have sufficient amount of cash. Using online transfers service, you can send money to parents or children-students who went to study in another city. Using card transfers you can give a loan or repay

To transfer funds you just need an Internet connection, a browser and access to our website

If you appreciate mobility and use 2G / 3G high-speed Internet, you will best fit to use our mobile application "GOS payments" , which can work on platform Android or iOS for all iPhones

Guarantee of security for users GOS payment:

Our website and mobile applications complies with all international quality and safety standards. Your banking data is protected from hackers and do not transmitted to third parties

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Reminder for online fund transfers
credit card looks like
  1. Card number with 16 digits
  2. Expire date, MM / YY
  3. CVV2 or CVC2 code on the back